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Welcome to Blackbird Institute, this is your moment to arrive!

Whether you are new to psychotherapy, or returning, we look forward to a courageous and transformative journey together.  



Meet our team of Clinicians. We are a skilled and compassionate team of somatic and psychodynamically trained  Associate Marriage and Family Therapists.


Click on the photo to learn more about each clinician,  their clinical focus, specializations, training and contact info.


Blackbird Institute STAFF


We are a collaboration of seasoned, broadly trained, and highly skilled clinicians specializing in somatic psychotherapy and the treatment of trauma from an organic, organismic, systemic, strength based ,inclusive, and creative relationship with living, and extensive psychodynamic, somatic, humanistic, and transpersonal training.


Fundamentally our interest is in wholeness and inclusion; in recognizing and supporting vitality rather than fighting against sickness. We offer clinical supervision and training to Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Clinical Counselors, and Social Workers, as well as training to anyone interested in somatic and collaborative transformative healing practices.


Our mission is to increase understanding of the role that the body plays in effective psychotherapy and to facilitate insight into the transformational opportunities inherent in trauma, with an infusion of deeply lived African American perspective. 

Nita Sims 05 500px (1).jpg
Nita Sims 
Administrative Assistant
Board Member
Lisa Porter
Master Hypnotherapist
Clinical Training 
Board Member
Ariadne Thompson LMFT
Board Member
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